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Join the Online Backup Revolution!

Become a 'White-label' Reseller

How To Start

Establish An Infrastructure

For many service providers, your infrastructure is already in place.  Telephones, computers, customer service folks, IT consultants - what you currently have is all that you need!  You need no additional hardware or bandwidth - we provide it all!

Decide What to Offer

Your target segments can be home users, SOHO businesses, small & medium businesses, as well as larger corporations.  Our "standard" product is ideally suited for desktops, whether in the home or the office.  Our "professional" product works well with servers, allowing backup of live databases.

Set up Billing System

After you decide what to offer, the next logical step is to consider what possible charging methods to implement. You can charge your customers by the quota used, your level of service provided, even offer discounts for multiple installations.  Your prices should reflect your value added services, and many partners charge two to five times what they pay for our partner prices.

Promote Your Online Backup Service

Having been in your business for a substantial period of time with a proven track record of success, your customers respect your choices.  Offering branded Backup To The Web will enhance your image.  Feel free to use any wording or images from our site to promote our product.

Maintain High Customer Satisfaction

If you wish to excel in your market, you must emphasize the crucially important role of customer service. Do your best to respond to your customers' needs and requests promptly; and be ready to provide the best possible answers to their questions. Our professional support team is always available to help you better serve your customers by resolving whatever technical issues that they may have.

How it works

We will give you the ability to market backup services to your clients under a generic brand. We will provide you with all software, as well as technical expertise and support required to run an online backup business. You only need to pay us per account (based on quota and features) and you can charge your clients whatever price you think it is appropriate.


They’re aren’t any!

Here’s the details:

There are no enrollment fees to become a 'white-label' reseller. The enrollment fee to become a partner is $150-250, which gives you a multitude of additional benefits. Read more about the those benefits at the Partner Program page.

Start today – we can have you in the backup business in a few  minutes!

Questions and Answers:

Is there a setup fee per client?

There are not setup fees.  You pay our normal rate based on storage space required, then charge your customer your own rates.  They receive a bill from you.

Support – Is support 24 x 7 ? Also, are all tickets via email, web or phone (or all of the above)? What is the usual response time etc?

Support is e-mail.  We attempt to answer all e-mails within eight to twelve hours. 

Do we provision new accounts directly (through a portal) or do you perform this task? If you do, what is the usual turn around for this?

You (or your clients) may open new trials yourself with the white-label client.  Then, you can pay for the subscription on our web site and we will activate the full package within six hours.  The trial is fully featured but limited to 15GB for 30 days.

Are there any bandwidth or capacity restrictions etc?

We have no capacity restrictions, and our bandwidth is currently capable of handling multiple users and well over 100GB (for all users) per day.  We don’t “throttle” accounts, but reserve the right to restrict download speeds in the future.  We do, however, strive to maintain at least a 2GB per day upload capacity per account.

Take the next step today - contact us!


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