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About Backup To The Web

With Backup To The Web you can rest assured that your important information is safe and secure. Your Important Information can be anything from your small business tax records to the cherished photos of your family scanned and preserved on your computer.

If you're like most computer users, you know that a backup is a necessity, but like most, you also don't have either the time or the knowledge to perform one.

Enter Backup To The Web. We make it all easy. From scheduling to deciding what and when to backup, we can have you up and running in minutes. When does the backup occur?... Whenever you want. At any hour of the day you set, your sensitive information will be backing up to our secure datacenters, ready for retrieval wherever and whenever you need it.

Here are a few of the features our service provides... even during your FREE TRIAL :


  • Complete control of your file backups and restores

  • You decide what files to backup and when. You choose when to restore, and even from what machine.

  • Web Restore - restore your files from a web browser.

  • Need that file you backed up at home when you're at the office.... or is it the other way around?

  • Perform "Point-in-time" file restores.

  • "Oops! I deleted 20 pages of that important document...3 days ago!" --We store multiple copies of each file. Pick the date you need..3 days ago, click restore-Problem Solved!

  • In-file Delta Block backup

  • You only changed one word of your 300 page manuscript? --We just backup the changes...automatically.

  • Windows XP / 2003 Volume Shadow Copy support

  • Back up the "System State"

  • Back up multiple computers with a single account

  • Your computer...The kids' computer...who to backup? You can backup both, as long as you have space!

  • Changed and deleted file retention. You control the retention period

  • "I deleted that file 2 days ago...AND emptied the trash!" --Restore lost files, you decide how long we keep them.

  • Comprehensive, automatic scheduling for "hands-free" backups

  • Works while you're working. There's no need to work around it..

  • File selection filters

  • "Make sure you backup all the pictures of the kids!" -- Choose the types of files you want to backup.

  • Incremental Backup

  • Still saving your 4th grade school papers? Don't waste time backing them up every day if they haven't changed.

  • 128 Bit Encryption and compression for fast, highly secure backups

  • Secure 'em and squeeze 'em (before they leave your machine!)

  • E-mail notification of missed or failed backups

  • LiveUpdate feature allows automatic upgrades to the client software

  • Take advantage of our ever-improving technology! You'll get all the new bells and whistles with minimal hassle.

  • Runs as a service so you don't need to be logged in

  • Web-based administrative control panel

  • Run any operating system command before and/or after each backup

  • Runs on most all Operating Systems

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